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créditos || credits

Mnemotecnia would not be possible without the Open Source application developed in the context of the Decade of Webdesign conference, and was the backend of the accompanying Webdesign timeline. Major contributors were Michael Murtaugh and Femke Snelting in development and design and Michael Murtaugh in programming. If you want to know more about this project, Webdesign Timeline & Open History Timeline v1.1, please contact Open History Timeline at: info @ Sponsors were Piet Zwart Institute / Media Design Research, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam.

OHT Timeline ani

This project is part of a Net Art collective organized by Carmen Olmo. Participating artists include: Alejandro Quinteros, Arnaldo Román, Art Kendellman, Carola Cintrón-Moscoso, Carmen Olmo-Terrasa, Catherine Matos-Olivo, Gardy Pérez, Imago + Krypto, Lilliam Nieves, Loredana Hernández, Ozzy Forbes, Pedro Vélez, Rosa Irigoyen, Rui Guerra, Teo Freytes y Teresa López.

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Localizador was made possible in 2002 by grants from the Institute of Puertorican Culture, the PSBA and the NEA.

This site is developed by Rosa Irigoyen. I can be reached at

THANKS for your support and visit.

June 2, 2008